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What readers are saying…


Here’s what some of the first readers are are saying about Sleeper Cell…

“Great read! Fast paced. Intelligent. Really annoyed every time I got distracted and had to put this book down! Frighteningly real depiction of the kinds of threats we face today told in a story that is compelling and fun to read.”

“Everything you want in a thriller. Karlson’s book delivers a masterfully constructed plot, full of hairpin turns, smart characters, authentic detail, on a subject that already has built-in minefields. The story pits a brilliant, fanatical jihadist from Afghanistan against a female FBI special operative, who specializes in anything but terrorists. Kim Conrad’s expertise is data and algorithms, yet the agency thrusts her into a hands-on guns-drawn pursuit of a sleeper cell in New York City that is plotting a murderous attack on an unknown target. As we already know from bitter experience, these terrorists don’t care if they die trying to kill as many and as important people as possible. The book is chilling from page one, and even more so when read (as I did) after the Paris massacre. Highly recommended.”

“Sleeper Cell’s characters are complex and intriguing. The intensity of the plot is compelling – it’s hard to put down!”

“This is a very well-crafted, realistic, action thriller which depicts how terrorists can recruit and activate terrorist goals. This story reflects the FBI’s dauntless manhunt for Pazhman Khan, a descendant from Afghan tribal lords. His mission takes him to New York City to activate a Taliban sleeper cell, a terrorist group who remain inconspicuous and dormant until they are activated. You might refer to these terrorists as Jihadists, which believe it is a sacred duty of Muslims to strive for spiritual self-perfection by way of a holy war. In other words, they are extremists who wish to meet their goals by violent inhumane destruction. This goes against the Muslim faith and religion. This novel has been well researched and gives realistic views of the way of life in Afghanistan and how Pashman, who speaks English, makes his way to New York City to carry out his Jihadist mission. FBI agents Kim Conrad and Tom Mahan are assigned to the Joint Counter Terrorism Team ‘Omega.’ This story is really non-stop action, with a very potent story line, with a propulsive plot. It’s riveting and very thought provoking as to recent terrorist activities around our world. This story would make an outstanding high-action movie. Very highly recommended.”

“A 5-star thriller of a story.”

“The storyline is fantastic, the numerous plots are woven extremely well.”

“Sooooo good. An awesome read.”

“If Sleeper Cell isn’t a best seller I don’t know what is – it has it all!”

“The book is amazing – I was sucked in right away and wished I could have read it in one sitting … What was great though was how much I found that I was looking forward to it – as a reward. Awesome.”

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