Upload completed!

Okay, Amazon has now made DEVIL’S REEF available.  Anyone who bought an early version (collector’s item) will be offered the reformatted version for FREE.

To order your copy click here



The latest

It’s maddening waiting for Kindle to published the updated version with corrected formatting and a few enhancements.  Should be any time now.  Amazon said they will send an e-mail offering the revised version to everyone who already bought it. Meanwhile, I keep hearing good reviews.

Update on book launch

Thanks to everyone who bought the book!   I got my first Amazon review, thank you, Bud!

After downloading my own copy on Kindle, I noticed a few formatting glitches, and a few typos and minor corrections that needed to be made.  Despite exhaustive copy editing, when the book is viewed on Kindle, you notice missing commas and awkward words and phrases more easily.  So I posted a corrected version which will be available later today.  I have asked Kindle to send the corrected version to everyone who already purchased the book.

Here’s the link to my first reader review. It was written by Bud Hammond.  Coincidentally, he’s the guy who grabbed my life jacket and fished me out of Nantucket Sound when we broached near Tuckernuck Shoals in last year’s Hurricane Cup.


What a day!

What a day!    I’d like to thank all my friends for buying DEVIL’S REEF, and for sharing the info and recommending it on Facebook to their other friends.  You guys are the best!

Some of you don’t have Kindles, and have asked how to read DEVIL’S REEF on your PC.  You can download Kindle software for FREE onto your PC, then buy the book from Amazon.

Here’s the link to download Kindle onto your PC:


And here’s the link to buy the book ($2.99), once you download the Kindle software.  I’m told it’s easy.



It took a while, and I almost went insane in the process, almost had to call the Geek Squad, but this morning I finally uploaded DEVIL’S REEF to Amazon.  They review it for a day and then it is made available to readers (for $2.99).

You can search for it by title or author on Amazon, but once it goes up, I will post the link.  Please buy a copy, and if you like it, write something nice in an Amazon review.


I’ll upload DEVIL’S REEF to Kindle late tonight, so it will be available for the Wednesday launch.  Spent yesterday afternoon formatting it for Kindle, and working through bugs.  I hope when it finally launches all the formatting looks good.  If you want to purchase a copy, please go to Amazon. As soon as I have the link I’ll publish it.  Thanks.