What’s all this about?


Welcome to my blog. I’ve set this up to spread the word about my new e-book, DEVIL’S REEF, which will be available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book in the next few days.

DEVIL’s REEF is a mystery / thriller.  The protagonist is Harry McCoy, a former FBI agent, ex-investigator for the NY DA’s office, who is en route to the Caribbean aboard his sailboat, Hobo, and waiting out hurricane season in Miami. 

Harry is hired to locate a missing person, and in the process shoots a mob “button man” and pretty soon is up to his neck in trouble.   

Why an e-book?  My readers so far have liked the book.  I realized if I tried to go the traditional publishing route it could take years, or decades.  I also noticed that Borders has gone out of business, and then read that now half of all books sold are e-books. The publishing industry is in turmoil.  It was, as they say, a “no brainer.”

So I have been busy copy editing, designing the blog, making the video trailer, and getting the cover done. Also setting up the newsletter and the Facebook page. All that remains is to upload it to Amazon. Soon hundreds of millions, perhaps even billions, of English speaking people will have access to DEVIL’S REEF. 

I am grateful to the very talented friends who agreed to read my book and edit it.  I won’t give their names, but I will tell you they include a well-known novelist, a newspaper editor, a bookstore owner,  a book reviewer and a retired magazine editor.

I am also very grateful to Tim Sweeney, who designed the cover, and who also read and made very helpful comments about the book, and to Merrily Cassidy, who took the photo of me.

If you click on the Facebook “like” link, or sign up for the newsletter, you will be alerted when the book is available. 

 D. E. Karlson


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