What’s Harry doing?

What do private investigators do between books? Plenty, apparently, and they sometimes wake their authors up at 3 a.m. to tell them.

After leaving Miami, Harry McCoy sailed south to Key Largo, then Key West, and then to the Yucatan. It was relaxing.

But Harry gets antsy relaxing, so after spending most of the summer in Mexico, he dropped Detective Esperanza off in Miami and, word has it, he’s now sailing north to Boston, where he has business to take care of.

What he doesn’t know is he’s going to get frozen-in in Boston Harbor (sorry, Harry). But I’m told a good 0 degree winter sleeping bag will keep a guy plenty warm even in the most frigid conditions. The walk to the marina showers in the middle of January is a bitch, and it’s no fun chipping ice off the deck, but Boston isn’t the worst place to spend the winter.

On the good side, Harry introduces us to a fun group of guys who live at the marina (most of whom have been thrown out of the house by their wives) and I know I’ll have fun exploring Harry’s new hang-outs in Beantown. And, of course, Harry is going to get into a fair bit of trouble, and have a new set of problems.

That’s about it for now. Oh, I almost forgot, Harry’s getting into Facebook, and is starting his own page, more on that later…

For more on Harry’s first set of adventures (DEVIL’S REEF) click here


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