Paperback release imminent

This weekend has been spent comparing the corrections made to the first paperback proof of Devil’s Reef to yet another, more recent proof.  It’s tedious – but that’s the type of quality control you can expect from us, and by us I mean me, and also my mother, who is putting in hours on the copy editing.  It’s tempting to just to say “print it!” but I did manage to find a couple of typos from the first set of corrections. It’s maddening, but I’m trying to deliver a quality product. I just feel bad that people who got the e-book will have noticed typos.  Also, I decided to tweak a few lines of dialogue here and there…. That’s the challenge of self-published books.  But you should know that DEVIL’S REEF is being exhaustively copy edited and double checked, so when it ends up in book stores, there won’t be any mistakes.  (I hope.)    Meanwhile, work is moving forward on the sequel, which is set in Boston, Cape Cod, and New Bedford.  The title is COLD COMFORT…  So, that’s it for now.  More news



2 thoughts on “Paperback release imminent

  1. Good luck with your proofreading. It’s incredibly hard to find all the typos. Have you tried having your computer or e-book reader read your book to you. I find a lot of typos doing this.
    Sometime my eye will miss a little typos like ‘if’ instead of ‘is’, but when I hear it read out loud, I notice it. Just a thought.

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