SLEEPER CELL, a novel of terror and suspense

24 May

caravanLast weekend I finished typing up corrections to complete the fifth draft of SLEEPER CELL… and e-mailed PDFs to about a dozen test readers.

photoWhat is SLEEPER CELL? It’s a novel of suspense.

Pazhman Khan, ruthless member of a secret radical sect called Pachaas Talwaray, is sent to New York to activate a dormant sleeper cell. He has a brilliant plan, but he hasn’t anticipated one thing: job-at-the-fbi-a-crazy-storyFBI special agent Kim Conrad. Recruited for her brilliant quantitative and financial skills, Kim is soon in a very personal battle with this psychotic radical. She finds an unlikely ally in Sgt. Lance Dennehy, formerly of the elite 75th Rangers, who is recovering from wounds received in Afghanistan, and trying to rebuild a life shattered by war and terror.

I don’t know whether SLEEPER CELL will be published as an e-book or a traditional book. The subject matter is timely, so I don’t want to wait too long. I will keep you updated.

As always, comments to this blog are welcomed.

Early verbatim comments from test readers:

“This is a 5-star thriller of a story.”
“The storyline is fantastic, the numerous plots are woven extremely well.”
“Sooooo good. An awesome read. Honest.”
“If Sleeper Cell isn’t a best seller I don’t know what is – it has it all! You rocked it!”
“The book is amazing – so many things about it are just right – really good job…I was sucked in right away and wished I could have read it in one sitting but couldn’t pull it off. What was great though was how much I found that I was looking forward to it – as a reward. Awesome.”



One Response to “SLEEPER CELL, a novel of terror and suspense”

  1. Scott Chandler May 24, 2013 at 5:11 pm #

    Hi Doug….so far 8 chapters in….very enjoyable…looking forward to the rest. Thanks, Scott

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