Panel Discussion and Book Signing at Barnes and Noble

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I will participate in a Author Panel Discussion and Book Signing at Barnes & Noble in the Derby Street Mall in Hingham, Mass. on Friday, April 15, 7 – 8:30 p.m.


2 thoughts on “Panel Discussion and Book Signing at Barnes and Noble

  1. Mr. Karlson – I just finished “Sleeper Cell” and thought it was an extraordinary book. I am an avid reader and will add you to the authors who I follow (Archer Mayer, Michael Deaver, Michael Connolly, John Sanford, David Baldacci, John Grisham, John Lescroart). I also enjoyed “Devil’s Reef” and look forward to your sequel. I noted in “Sleeper Cell” that you had individuals read advanced copies of the book to provide their thoughts and suggested corrections. I worked for more than 38 years at the FBI and would very much enjoy pre-reading your books to make positive thoughts and comments. As an example, in “Sleeper Cell”, a street agent would never be summoned to FBI Headquarters to meet with HR to discuss a new assignment – that just would never happen. Additionally, there is no way a New York SAC would ever be considered for the Deputy Director position of the FBI. There are at least five SACs in the New York Office and one of them would have to touch at least “four more bases” before being considered for the DD position. The New York Office is headed by an Assistant Director in Charge and that person could be a DD candidate. Another reason for offering my book review services is that we are neighbors. I retired to the Cape in 2012 and live in Brewster. I read everything I can on Cape Cod and that is how I came to find out about your books. As I said, I thoroughly enjoyed your books and look forward to next one. Paul Cignoli, Brewster, MA,

    • Dear Mr. Cignoli,
      Thank you so much for reading my books, and for your comments. I’m so glad you liked Sleeper Cell… And I would be very happy to add you to my small pool of advance readers. Thank you so much also for the notes about the FBI. I did think that Kim wouldn’t have to go to HQ to get her assignment, but I decided to exercize artistic license because I really wanted to set up a dramatic and funny scene with the HR man. I think it worked… So please excuse me for that. I really appreciate your comments, and look forward to meeting you here on the Cape.

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