The life of George Armstrong Custer

25 Jan
Here is a brief dictated review of “Custer’s Trials:”

custerThis is a brilliant book, the author makes use of primary sources to reveal a multi layered portrait of George Custer and his wife. I loved this book. It presents a fascinating inside look at Custer’s life at West Point, his early career on the staff of George McClellan, and his brilliant career as a civil war cavalry general. The book also provides fascinating insight into Civil War operations . Please excuse the auto dictation. Most important, the book provides detailed explanation and history and culture of the American Indian tribes, and their evolution to mounted tribes in the west, and the economic and environmental dynamics of the frontier. I came away from this book not seeing Custer as hero or villain, but as a complex man of his time, caught between Republicans and Democrats, the old world and the new, the west and Wall Street, in a new world with freed slaves. Highly recommend. I found the narrative concerning his widow, Libby, to be extremely moving. She relocated to New York City after her husband’s death at Little Big Horn, became a writer, as her husband was, only better, and died on Park Avenue in 1930. 


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