About Sleeper Cell…

Pazhman Khan, ruthless member of a secret radical sect, Pachaas Talwaray, is sent to New York to activate a long-dormant sleeper cell. He has a brilliant plan, but hasn’t anticipated one thing: FBI Special Agent Kim Conrad, who soon finds herself in a very personal battle with a psychotic killer. Kim finds an ally in Sgt. Lance Dennehy, formerly of the 75th Rangers, who is rebuilding a life shattered by war and terror.

A fast-paced action-packed thriller. Timely and topical with characters that realistically represent those engaged in the war on terrorism. Fiction that mirrors today’s reality.” – David Szady, Retired Assistant Director for Counterintelligence, FBI

Everything you want in a thriller. Karlson’s book delivers a masterfully constructed plot, full of hairpin turns, smart characters, authentic detail, on a subject that already has built-in minefields.”
– Sarah Kernochan, author of Jane Was Here and Dry Hustle

Karlson knows how to write a page-turner. If this thriller happens to give his readers pause to consider these issues more deeply, which in fact it does, so much the better.” – Rob Phelps, Provincetown Banner

A counter-terrorist thriller that could have been taken straight from the headlines today.”  – The Cape Cod Chronicle




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